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Welcome to the batmanjoker community. This is a place for fans of the Batman/Joker dynamic to post their fanworks, discussions, meta, and anything related to the relationship between the two characters. Everyone is welcome and we are open to all types of fanworks--fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, etc--in all Batman universes (Nolanverse, DCU, BTAS, etc).

Before joining, please read the rules below.


1. While many of the works posted in this community are gen, the bulk of the fiction posted here is slash, often of an explicit nature. If this offends you, or if it's illegal for you to look at this type of material where you live, please refrain from joining the community. Joining or commenting for the purpose of flaming fans of the pairing will result in a permanent ban and the offending material being deleted.

2. All fanfic posted to the community must focus on the relationship between Batman and the Joker. Gen fics are allowed, but they must explore the relationship between these two characters. Fics may include other pairings, but the focus of the story must be on the Batman/Joker relationship.

3. Please put any stories longer than 200 words under an LJ-cut. If you need instructions on how to make an LJ-cut, please read this page.

4. All fanfiction must have a header that includes the following:
Disclaimer: (If your fic is a crossover, don't forget to include disclaimers for all the fandoms. If you'd like, you can use the generic disclaimer at the bottom of the community's profile page.)
Warnings: (eg, violence, explicit sexual content, mature themes)

This makes it easier for people to find what they want to read. Put it in whatever order you choose, just make sure to include these things, especially a disclaimer. If your fic contains other pairings, don't forget to mention these in your heading. Please fell free to add any additional information, eg, summaries, author's notes, etc.

Please do not forget to label adult material accordingly.

5. All fanart bigger than 200x200 pixels must be placed under an LJ-cut. You can post small, work-friendly teasers outside the LJ-cut, but any material that's bigger than that and NSFW material of any size must be placed under an LJ-cut. Make sure you label all NSFW fanart clearly.

6. Please do tag all your entries. New authors, posters and chaptered stories/series will receive new tags, but make sure you use all the relevant pre-existing tags to tag your posts. You can see the list of current tags here: Tag List

If you'd like to request or suggest a new tag or tags, please contact the mods.

7. While constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged, personal attacks will result in a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the seriousness of the attack. Likewise, please do no make any comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted. Deliberately making offensive comments will result in a warning. If three warnings are ignored, this will result in a permanent ban.

8. We do not condone any form of plagiarism or harassment. Do not repost any materials from this community without explicit permission from the work's author and do not use the material posted here for the purposes of harassing/bullying/trolling etc the community's members. Stealing material and/or trolling the community will result in a permanent ban. Obviously, plagiarising someone else's material and posting it to the community is also not allowed. (Go here for an overview of what constitutes plagiarism.) If you feel someone has plagiarised your work, please contact the moderators, who will be able to assess the situation. Anyone caught plagiarising/stealing someone else's work will be banned from the community.

9. As this is a Batman/Joker community, do not post anything that doesn't relate directly to the characters and/or their universe(s). Posting completely unrelated material will be considered spamming and will result in the post being deleted. Repeated spamming will result in a ban from the community.

10. It is permissible to advertise other communities and/or websites that are of interest to Batman/Joker fans. However, please do not post more than one advert per community/website, unless there is substantial new information or content (for instance, a new contest of interest to Batman/Joker fans). Repeated advertising will be treated as spam (see rule 9.)

If you have any problems, concerns or questions, please contact overlithe (e-mail: overlithe(at)livejournal.com, Y!M: over_lithe) or cyranothe2nd (email: cyranothe2nd at gmail.com)

If you would like to affiliate with this community please message cyranothe2nd or overlithe.


We have a list of resources that we hope to add to continuously and which we hope our members find useful. So far, we have:

-The Freak Like Me Podcast, the community's official podcast, by heatherhouse, updated roughly twice a month.
Use the following links to go directly to an episode: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4
Or click on the following link to subscribe to the podcast: Subscribe to the Freak Like Me podcast
-The Batman/Joker Book Club, a monthly round table discussing a comic book/graphic novel, with occasional special editions. So far, we've had the following editions of the book club:
February 22 Edition, discussing Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, by Grant Morrison & Dave McKean
Special Origins edition (1, 8 and 15 March), discussing Lovers and Madmen, The Killing Joke and The Jokester's Last Laugh
March 22 Edition, discussing Joker, by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo
-A list of the Joker's appearances in the comics, focusing mostly on the modern age, compiled by sharkbites, with additions and annotations by overlithe.


We run regular Batman/Joker challenges. We are currently having a Team Challenge that will run at least until June 2009, and you can sign-up for this challenge at any time here. The posting and scoring rules can be found here and here. If you'd like to see the entries submitted for this challenge, they are organsised as follows:

By team: Team Anarchy || Team Knight
By round: Round 1 (January 16th-30th) || Round 2 (January 30th-February 13th) || Round 3 (February 13th-February 27th) || Round 4 (27th February-13th March) || Round 5 (13th March-27th March) || Round 6 (27th March-10th April)

We had a Secret Santa Challenge running in December 2008. You can see the art submitted for this challenge here and read the fics here. Go here for a master list of Secret Santa art and fics, organised by prompt.

We had a Halloween fic contest in October 2008. The full list of entries and winners can be found here.

We had a fic exchange running during September 2008. You can read the fics submitted for this exchange here.


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